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OrionTechWorks has built several fast computers for our Office & has been here ever step of the way to help us run programs and understand how they work.  We recently inherited a "retail" Windows 8 PC from a new employee. Within one week I was ready to though it out the window and jump on it.  I knew who to call.  Ted was able to remove windows 8 (which I hated) & Transfer the Emails & Documentments (thank the Lord) and now we're in office heaven with Windows 7 Yes !  It works like a dream & seems Twice as fast as before.  What an Amazing Difference to have an Office PC that does ONLY and exactly what WE want it to do without hesitation.  Thank you Ted,  you are the best and the only one I would ever call to touch my computer ever again.

Debie Carr / Office Manager - Pacific NW Drywall & Acoustics - Bend, OR

After you rebuilt our Computer & Optimized the Cmos & Hardware Configurations, it is awesome for fast gaming & high demand tasks plus it's NEVER crashed !  Having the Right Parts is One Thing but putting these components together in an Integrated & Optimized fashion takes the Performance & Stability into a whole Upper Level. Your 22 years of PC Building & Performance Tuning Expertise made a huge difference and increased our PC's Speed by a surprising amount.  Thanks Ted !

Fred Boos - Bend, OR

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