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Some Early History on Computers including various Personal Interactions. . .

In 1980, William C. Lowe had a bold idea : IBM should develop a personal computer that could be mass marketed, expanding the company's reach beyond businesses and into people's homes.

One year later, the IBM 5150 personal computer was selling out at stores such as Sears and ComputerLand for $1,565, not including a monitor.

Lowe had joined IBM in 1962, after receiving a college physics degree.

At the age of nine in 1962 I received my 1st "Personal Computer" as a Christmas Gift from the Sears Christmas Catalog. This Sears Catalog listing was the 1st Commercially Advertised "Personal Computer" sold in America. That "PC" consisted of a Wooden Box that held IBM Punch Cards & Had 8-Copper Rods. Those Rods Aligned the Punched Holes in the IBM Cards. Very Little could be Accomplished with that 1st "Personal Computer" but it Set the Stage for MORE. . .

Other companies Like Commodore & Texas Instruments were making PCs as early as the 1970s.

 I was Busy Programming the World's 1st Color Joy Stick Drawing Program on the Commodore VIC-20 & C-64 Platforms. 

IBM howerver was behind the curve. Lowe as lab director at IBM's Boca Raton, Fla. facility, rapidly assembled a team that designed & built the IBM personal computer within a year.

The original Apple II computer was introduced in 1977 as their Apple I faded from public view.

A family relative was Apple employee #82, in these Early Years I spend time Programming the Apple II.

Lowe and his team were able to develop the IBM PC so quickly by adopting open architecture - using parts and software from outside vendors, including Microsoft, which was not well known at the time.

The PC's Open Architecture & Competing Parts Manufactures have Always Created the Most Cost Effective Power Computers in the World. . . That's Why We have Designed & Built on this Platform since 1991. 

He went on to serve as an IBM vice president and president of its entry systems division, which oversaw the development and manufacturing of IBM's personal computers and other businesses. He left the company in 1988 to work for Xerox, and later became president of Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

Xerox developed what has become the Foundation of the "Modern PC" inventing the "Mouse" and "Windowed Operating System". These inventions were shown ( With Much Internal Debate ) to both Bill Gates of Microsoft & Steve Jobs of Apple. Early Xerox computers were also "Networked" and were distributed to Universities & National Libraries. These early Xerox Computers formed the Backbone of what became the Internet !

In 1989 I Used, Bought & Sold these Early Internet / Xerox computers which had Dual Operating Systems ( CPM & DOS ) + 10-Mb Harddrive + 8' Floppy Disk + Ethernet Ports + $200 in GOLD used in Plating Internal Circuit Pathways & Connectors. . .

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