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In 1992 I Founded PC Standards International which Developed & Cataloged PC Standard Hardware Systems & Specifications for High Performance Computer Systems . . .

Out of PC Standards International came PC Standard Hardware International which Built & Supported

High Performance WorkStations, Servers, Audio Recording Stations & Video / Animation PC Studios

Notable Clients from this period include Mike Flood ( Microsoft Paul Allen's lieutenant ), Norton Symantec Engineers

Madona Song Writers & Hollywood Celebrities ( names withheld ) Along with International Clients

In December of 1999 I choose to close Computer Operations after achieving a high level of success but Experienced a Mental Burnout from nearly 10 solid years of 18-Hour Days / 7-Days per week activity. . . Continuing Customer Support went to Bill Mundy a former Field Rep still residing in Ocean Park Washington . . .

In 2000 I moved to Hollywood to pursue a New Career in Screenwriting which did not turn into immediate profits but that Story has Not Ended yet as I still have a Standing Offer to Finish Writing my "Spirit of Honor" Screenplay with Alexander Rose - Academy Award Winning Executive Producer who's credits include "Norma Ray" & "Quigley Down Under" which starred Tom Selleck

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