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FoxFlag was the World's 1st Information Icon / Visual DataBase Application written for a Commercial Enterprise. . .

It used both KeyBoard & Mouse Input & Visually Represented Production Press(s) where Inventory was being Created - It also tracked Employee Wages, Bonus Incentive Pay & Inventory with Simuatanous Updating of 30 Networked Databases. . . The HiTek Truss company became the Largest Truss Manfucture in the United States.

I Designed & Coded this program in Microsoft's Visual Basic w / DB Extensions starting development in 1992 ( Screen Shot Below )

Visual DataBase

During this period I was offered a Technology Evangelist position by Microsoft. . .

 Cobb Technical Group also offered me a Technical Publications Authoring Position for Teaching Visual Basic Programming in their International Computer Programming Training Subscriptions Publications.

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